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Bespoke Design

This is where we have really changed the game in jewellery retail; our customer accessible workshop and design bar allow you to personally communicate with our in-house designers and goldsmiths.

From the initial consultation phase your design will progress to the development stage: a sketch of your design will be created along with a computer aided design (CAD) model.

The final - and probably most exciting - stage allows you to be involved in the making of your piece with our "part of the process concept". If you don't fancy that then just sit back, relax and watch in comfort.

Furthermore, we can use gemstones and metal from your existing jewellery to make brand new designs to suit your own unique style.

Guild of Master Craftsmen

At Firths we are proud to be a part of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. The Guild is the UK's most established trade association representing skilled tradesmen. All of The Guild members are assessed and critiqued to have the right to be part of The Guild, furthermore they are required to maintain the high standards of The Guild.

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